Friday, December 16, 2005

New XE Website Design Packages

I am excited to announce our new XE Semi-Custom real estate Website Design packages which will be released January 2006. Basically we will be expanding our XE web site product line to offer more design choices, additional customizations while maintaining a low price. Our current $399 package however will go up in price and will be replaced with a new $399 package with slightly less features.

While I cannot tell you too much now, the new XE real estate website design packages will offer some additional customization features, such a full custom splash page, additional flash items and some additional features. We plan to release about 4 XE packages to replace the 1 existing package. This way we can provide more options to our real estate client by offering even higher end website designs then ever and making sure we are able to provide the quality service our clients deserve.

LinkURealty offers "True" Semi-Custom
As I have mentioned before, LinkURealty is one of a few of the only companies to offer a true semi-custom website. Our system is unique in its design because it allows us to take virtually any real estate web design and wrap it around our functionality. This is what makes us so different from everyone else. From there we offer different components, such as our Showcase listings feature and can plug these components into virtually any place on the website.

The semi-custom features of our real estate sites can allow us to specifically design your website to meet your needs as an agent, broker, team, in addition to your colors, branding and market area. In addition our websites provide a true custom look, not a framed or templates look, unlike other companies real estate website templates.

With this type of technology it allows us to provide you a lower price because integration is so easy and we do not have to reinvent the wheel, we can simply use our existing content and functionality within a design.

Anyways, look for the new XE Semi-Custom real estate web design packages to be released this January. If you are not a LinkURealty client yet and would like to take your real estate web site to a new level, then give us a call.

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