Friday, July 10, 2009

LinkURealty is now on Twitter!

We found a great use for Twitter and clients will also find is useful. You can follow us on Twitter, at . We are also setting up a profile on Facebook. We have had so many clients asking us to do so, and finally got around to it.

Anyway, we have released quite a few features over the past year, such as our E-mail Campaign manager, Online Store, etc. We expect to do more over the next few months, such as rolling our our new website, new ZSERIES templates and more.

LinkUSystems, Inc. will also be celebrating 6 years this month. Even with the downturn in the economy, we have continued to do well and look forward to another year. With some recent restructuring taking place and in progress, we expect that we will be able to continue to grow and provide even more for our clients.

For more updates, keep up to date with the latest by following us on Twitter.

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