Saturday, January 04, 2014

LinkURealty launches new website and marketing packages.

LinkURealty has categorized itself as a premium real estate website provider, by providing high end designs and full service setup for our clients.

We see there is a need for agents and brokers that don't want to setup their own sites and need assistance in getting their site up. There are already tons of choices for cheap do-it-youself websites and LinkURealty hasn't been in that category for a long time. So we really didn't want to be compared to those services anymore. Prospects would ask us, why should I choose you over this $10/mo. Zillow website?

Well, there really is no comparison between what we provide and what they provide. While they are both websites, the rest is very different, from setup, to features and service. It is all very different.

As a result we felt it was important to separate ourselves from these services and focus even more on a being more than a website provider, but to offer services that allow us to be part of your team, rather then a web host. As a result we have created new services offered through our marketing packages, going further than SEO, but to offer a full team of experts in SEO, E-mail Marketing, Social Media and more.

To reflect these changes we have launched our new "guided website", at and also moved our self-serve and economy products and services to a new brand, now known as Agent Premier, which can be found at

Welcome to the new LinkURealty!

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